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I Trained University is your personal educational assistant that is customized to give you a plan for success and test the plan until you get it right! Become the player you dreamed of by learning how to "Think like a PRO!

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Virtual IQ

Join our basketball University play like a pro and become a star.  Learn how the pros think the game and how you will apply these same skills.

Basketball Skill Development

Learn how control the ball and your body to get open every time you get the ball.


Get coached by being held accountable to the exact skill action to get you immediate improvement.

Reprogramming your handle, shooting, moves, style,  the way you think, and your belief system so you get Respect and get better!

Learn the 4 stages of scoring. Learn the Rule of Fifths. Learn the 10 Natural Laws of basketball.  Learn how to be dynamic checking the balance of the defense, using hard attempts and so much more!

Do you want to be a Pro or just watch one on TV.

Our Trainers use a scientific closed method for teaching.  Nothing is left to chance.  If you are not getting better, we know why and how to fix it.  You do the work but we give you exactly what to work on.  We even teach you how to work with your coaches at your school or AAU team to make sure you dont look selfish on your way to being the best player on the [email protected]

What are you doing everyday to get better?

Use our proven techniques and strategy to set up a plan, test rhe plan, evaluate the plan and change where appropriate.  How can you leave development to chance.

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